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I play music spanning five decades with a particular emphasis on the 60's, 70's and 90's. Not quite sure what happened to the 8o's, there was some great music made in that decade but generally it was more keyboard based and as a guitarist I felt it wouldn't work for me. However the 80's are represented as well with artists such as 'Tears for Fears', Bruce Springsteen and REM.. If you like rock and blues I am more than happy to oblige with songs from Jimmi Hendrix, John Lee Hooker , Muddy Waters and Robert Cray.


This showreel was recorded at The Queens Head Box on September 16th 2017 and is made from sections of songs edited together to give an idea of the sort of music I play.  Songs featured are: One love (Bob Marley)  Losing my Religion(REM)  Don't look back in anger (Oasis)   Save Tonight (Eagle Eye Cherry)   Town Called Malice (The Jam)  Itchgoo Park (Small Faces)  Precious Time (Van Morrison)  Maggie May (Rod Stewart) Johnny B Goode (Chuck Berry)  My Girl (Temptations)  Life on Mars (David Bowie)

This is my version of 'Light my fire' originally recorded by 'The Doors'



This album called '2014' was, not surprisingly, recorded in 2014 at my home studio with songs I had been working on for about a year or so.

New album
Moving in Circles

With 'Moving in Circles' I wanted to make an album of songs using acoustic guitar, double bass and drums. I ended up adding a piano and saxaphone here and there to create texture and atmosphere.

These videos of my own compositions were recorded at the Queen Head in Box on 8th November 2017. They are stripped down acoustic versions of songs mainly taken from my last album called 'Moving in Circles' but also including 'Company Man' from my album '2014' and 'Pilgrimage' and 'Food and Water' from my first album called'Just Be'. 

Food and Water
Mr. Personality
The Man With No Name
Ropes And Chains
Company Man
The Only Thing That Matters
Car Alarm
Moving In Circles
Wicker Man
Hey Jerusalem
Big Man Gone
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