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I have been a professional musician for the past Twenty eight years, giving up my day job in 1989 to join the Mike d'Abo band . Mike was the singer with sixties chart band Manfred Mann who’s biggest hit was a Bob Dylan song called the Mighty Quinn. Mike named his band after this song and we became ‘The Mighty Quintet’. During a ten year period with the band  I travelled the world playing in France, Switzerland, Germany, Bahrain, Oman, Hong Kong, America , and anywhere else that was prepared to engage our services.


Prior to my time with ‘The Mighty Quintet’ I traveled the country extensively with various bands. In the late 70’s I formed a duo with a friend and spent two summers playing in Crete and Corfu. On returning to Britain I joined a band called 'The Singles' playing bass and toured the country supporting Showwadywaddy, a well known rock'n roll group at the time. The band also toured Norway in September of 1983 , doing thirty five dates in seven weeks travelling the entire length of the country in an old converted coach with temperatures down to minus 15  and a defective heating system.


In 1986 I joined a popular Swindon group called Locomotion,  playing the usual places up and down the country (British and American air bases, Pubs and Clubs) until I was asked to join the Mighty Quintet.


Towards the latter period of my time with Mike d'Abo I branched out into a solo career, this was necessitated by the re-forming of Manfred Mann  (now known as The Manfreds) which took Mike away to pastures new in the form of British and European tours. This was great for Mike but I still had a mortgage to pay.


Finding myself out there doing gigs on my own was pretty daunting at first but I soon got used to it and came to love it . I perform either with electric guitar and backing tracks or purely acoustically. When I use backing tracks it makes it possible for people to dance and when I perform acoustically a more intimate atmosphere is achieved where I can blend well known covers with some of my own songs.


 All these years down the line I have forged a reputation as a soulful singer with a warm earthy voice which has been likened to Rod Stewart or Brian Adams but am equally at home singing songs from the Beatles , Robbie Williams or Muddy Waters . Please visit my Music page for samples.

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